Two/three weeks ago my mentor finally told me I passed my exams so.. I graduated! I already told you guys what I'm going to do in september so I won't explain it to you again :)
I already posted a picture like this on Instagram but I just love the details. I really needed a new dress (in my opinion) for my graduation so when I saw this dress at Topshop in Amsterdam, I wasn't sure about the fitting. It looks big while it's only a size 4. Now I just love the dress. 
And with a new dress, comes new shoes .. So when I found these shoes I had to have them haha.

Other news .. I'll be going to Italy this summer. ♡ 
Can't wait to share the beautiful Italian villages with you guys.


Summer up

So.. spring break is finally here and I already can't wait to start my new study in September. Right up until the last minute I was undecided whether I would study journalism or communication. Finally I chose for communication. The study is called International Communication and Media and it's located in Utrecht. My absolute favorite city. The first 3 years of the study will mostly be theoretic and my last year will contain an internship. Abroad. In New York are many opportunities to work as an intern at a PR agency. That's what I would love to do, work as a PR-consultant or something with PR. My study will be in English only, so that's what I'm probably most afraid of ..     
But for now let's enjoy our vacation! Haha.

Do you guys already know where you're going to? Or did you get back already?
As you might know I was going to Kos .. But, I broke up with the person who I was going with so we cancelled our vacation. I'm still not sure if I'm willing to go on vacation this year. Maybe I'll stay in Utrecht for a couple off days with some friends to explore the beautiful city. We'll see :)

Now I'm going to get my hair and eyebrows done. Talk to you guys later.

This whole post has nothing to do with this book, haha. But, this IS my favorite book for this summer (and not to mention Vogue/Elle of course). Reading, trying to get a tan and just relax by the pool. Too bad I live in the Netherlands ...


By the way, sandals are not shoes.

Do you remember the quote 'By the way, sandals are not shoes.'? Lately I've been watching too many episodes or well, seasons of Gossip Girl. I can seriously call it an obsession/addiction. You've got to do something when it's spring break and the weather sucks, haha. So, shoes ...
In my opinion there's nothing better then new heels .. Especially when they're leather heels from Sam Edelman! When I was in Utrecht two weeks ago I stumbled across these beauties. My size was sold out in Utrecht so I had to go to Den Bosch to pick them up.
So before I went home I decided to bring these with me. I was so lucky the last pair was my size. It was meant to be .. For now I'll leave you guys with some pictures of my feet/heels. Hope you enjoy it, haha. I'll tell you guys everything about my new school and stuff in my next post. I'm working on it! :)

P.S. Blair was right, sandals are not shoes .. Sandals with heels, those are shoes, haha.


Ibiza at the lake

Duckfaces and peace signs just don't go together. But although the pictures are so wrong in every possible way, my little sister looks the cutest. These pictures were taken in only 5 minutes or something so that's probably why there are two pictures with a gorgeous and beautiful peace sign from my side. We have so many pictures from today but I just wanted to share these pictures from my baby sister and me, isn't she the cutest? I already can tell you guys, I'm sure I'll be there next year!


My Playlist♡

Just a really quick update .. I really wanted to share my favorite songs with you guys for this summer. (For now :) Lately I'm obsessed with Spotify and making playlists haha. Well, you've got to do something when school's finished and you already have vacation.
Well, it's a long list .. But there are so many lovely songs lately! I know there are a lot of Spanish songs in this list but I think Spanish songs are perfect for summer. Aaand, I love Spain haha.